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Girls Gone By

When I first found out about Girls gone By, I was really excited. After all, they were republishing books I was desperate to read, and not in cut down editions of the sort we were stuck with when I was a kid, but "the complete and unabridged text from first editions [...], together with all the illustrations."


And the one book I've actually bought from them is great, don't get me wrong.

The thing is, how are they improving things, when they publish only physical copies, not as ebooks and with such tiny, time limited print runs? They say that they concentrate "on those titles which are most sought after, and difficult to find on the second-hand market." Ok. But if you miss their stupidly short ordering period, you are once again stuck trying to find one of their not very numerous copies in the second hand market. And no-one else can publish them again, because they've got the rights now.

It's time for GGBP (and their cat) to move on.

I want to buy their books, but:

1. International shipping is a pain in the arse.
2. I have too many physical books as it is.
3. I only want to buy ebooks wherever possible.
4. I don't necessarily want to buy them in the hour and a half they're actually in print.

"We will reprint some titles, and when we do decided to reprint a title you will first of all find a note by the title on this page and then it will move from this list into Forthcoming. At that stage you will be able to order. But we will not reprint all titles, only those where we think there is real sales potential. And there are a lot of years ahead of us, and a lot of new titles we have not yet published."

Hello? Sell them as bloody e-books. You don't have to work out costly print runs, you can shove them on Amazon or Smashwords or whatever and leave them up indefinitely. We can buy them from you when we want to and you can have ongoing income from all your titles. You short-sighted dinosaurs.

PS: If your complete list of out of print books is currently not up to date, it is an incomplete list of out of print titles, just saying.

PPS: Listing your cat as a member of staff? Really stupid. I am filled with irrational hate when you do that.

PPPS: I want to give you money, make it easier, ffs.

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