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Gay Couples Can't Commit, Apparently.

And lets face it, we all know how great straight couples are at that, eh? Brilliant divorce statistics from the het couples. Anyway...

@christopherward posted the following on twitter:

"Here's the #equalmarriage council debate/vote disgrace article: @Out4Marriage @C4EqualMarriage @pinknews @SoSoGay"

The link is to a newspaper report of a Guilford council meeting. The meeting voted against writing to the Government to support same sex marriage. During the discussion, though, it seems that Sarah Creedy "shocked many by implying that gay couples are incapable of sustaining life-long relationships."

So by her argument, we apparently have to die before we can get married. I was none too impressed. Two seconds on google turned up a nice bio complete with email address, so I've fired the following off to her. Wonder if I'll get a response?

"I was very upset to hear about your comments regarding the inability of gay couples to sustain long term commitments, made at the recent council meeting regarding writing in support of the government's gay marriage legislation. I am very curious to find out what particular pieces of peer-reviewed sociological research you are using as evidence for your opinion.

I am also curious as to how you reconcile the divorce rates for straight couples with the fact that they are allowed to get married at all, if you feel that the statistical likelihood of success should be the determining factor in whether individual couples should be allowed to marry."