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Did... did Fandom Wank delete the whole of JournalFen for the finale of the deathmatch? Or are the servers just being robust?
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I think I'd really like Fail Fandom Anon if only it wasn't anon. I don't really do anon. What would be the etiquette for engaging with the anon meme not!anon, do you think? Could I do that, or is the anon-ness of all participants important?

Bah: "Deliberate un-anon comments will be deleted - only two exceptions: limited promotional posts, and on a limtied basis, a logged in response by someone who is the topic of conversation."

I don't really see the benefit of this, but there we go. I shan't be playing.
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Write me a crossover, and/or read up on a whole new fandom you didn't offer, or you're responsible for my suicide.

Seriously? That's not how yuletide works, right there.

ETA: Aaaaaand all the comments are gone and the LJ crosspost is missing presumed locked. WTG.

ETA 2: Screencapped: http://yuletide-coal.livejournal.com/2096.html?thread=648752#t648752
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We've been listening to a lot of audiobooks this year. We got an audible subscription for Christmas from my Mum and Dad, thinking that the credits would last us for ages and we're getting close to topping up our credits for the second time already. Audible is fantastic! This has prompted some audiobooks/written word comparisons, so I'm going to witter about it a bit here.

I love Shada. I loved the scenes that we got in The Five Doctors, I thought the Doctor and Romana were just lovely punting on the Cam. And then the BBC released the VHS edition with Tom Baker narrating the bits that hadn't been filmed and it was great! Chronotis was perfect and of course, I adore Tom and all his weirdness, so his narration was fab.

And then I spotted the audio book. I had to get it, it's filled in from what we have by the Gareth Roberts and read by Lalla Ward and it amused me no end.

It's really well done, I really do love it. It's funny and acknowledges that if you're listening, you're more than likely a fan and it's really in keeping with the feel of the show at the time. Sometimes, though, the 'writing like Douglas Adams-ness' of it all seems a little too laboured. We head jump a fair amount and by the millionth time you get someone thinking that Chronotis seems like 'such a nice old man' you sort of want to strangle the poor narrator because we know. We get it. And even if you don't know who Chronotis is, you knew something was going on three hours ago and please, just let it go already and, frankly, if you don't guess who he is, you must be having a bit of a muppet day because you've been hammered over the head with it a little too much. The opening of the chapter that introduces the Doctor and Romana feels a bit like this too, where it's pointed out that things might be a surprise, but probably won't until you're practically at the point of bellowing that you know already and can't the writer just GET ON WITH IT.

Maybe it works better in print but when things are being read out to you, things like that stand out far more starkly. I've noticed it also with the Cadfael audio books we've been listening to. I've read them and they've been quite enjoyable but I've must have been ignoring stuff while reading that I can't ignore when I'm listening because Ellis Peter's female characters drive me up the wall. They're not remotely people in the way that the male characters are, even Aline who is a recurring character is basically just slimness and eyes. In the first one, the skeleton of the saint is defined by weight which is equated to beauty. It's a skeleton! And then there's the head-jumping. Everything's from Cadfael's perspective, but the author is so desperate to head-jump, that Cadfael is basically telepathic. But the moment at which we got a completely made up word was when I decided that the effectiveness of professional editing was seriously over-rated. All of this stuff is so much easier to skim when you're reading, though.

Which brings me to Agatha Christie. She's seriously under-rated, I think. Her stories are always so carefully plotted, her red herrings so well done and, even when a narrator's not brilliant, I have never had even one jarring moment like I've experienced with Shada and the Cadfael stories. We've got a lot of her books as audiobooks now, too, not just one or two. Her writing is just consistently great. The best readers (whether they're reading Marple and Poirot or not) are definitely Joan Hickson (the definitive Miss Marple, imo) and Hugh Fraser (Hastings in the Suchet Poirot series). Hugh Fraser actually reads Poirot more enjoyably than David Suchet does, for all that Suchet is absolutely perfect playing him on tv.
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Saw this (rather old!) blog post and thought it sounded interesting: http://darlenemcnaughton.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/our-new-book-alcohol-tobacco-and-obesity-morality-mortality-and-the-new-public-health/

I have a real problem with the constant media discourse around 'the obesity epidemic' and particularly when relating to children and so this was something I would be very interested to read. Speaking from a non-medical point of view, however, I don't think obesity deserves to be in quite the same category as alcohol and tobacco.

As the writer points out, you can't look at obesity as purely controllable and the reasons for weight gain or not aren't fully understood. Someone can eat the same, and do the same amount of exercise and still gain weight when compared to someone else. They do not have agency over everything concerning weight.

Arguably though, people do make a choice to drink and smoke. Yes, tobacco and alcohol are addictive and the choice isn't always an easy one, but it is something over which people have agency. They do choose to start drinking and/or smoking. One does not choose a genetic propensity to gain weight, or chronic illness that affects your metabolism or whatever.
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When I first found out about Girls gone By, I was really excited. After all, they were republishing books I was desperate to read, and not in cut down editions of the sort we were stuck with when I was a kid, but "the complete and unabridged text from first editions [...], together with all the illustrations."


And the one book I've actually bought from them is great, don't get me wrong.

The thing is, how are they improving things, when they publish only physical copies, not as ebooks and with such tiny, time limited print runs? They say that they concentrate "on those titles which are most sought after, and difficult to find on the second-hand market." Ok. But if you miss their stupidly short ordering period, you are once again stuck trying to find one of their not very numerous copies in the second hand market. And no-one else can publish them again, because they've got the rights now.

It's time for GGBP (and their cat) to move on.

I want to buy their books, but:

1. International shipping is a pain in the arse.
2. I have too many physical books as it is.
3. I only want to buy ebooks wherever possible.
4. I don't necessarily want to buy them in the hour and a half they're actually in print.

"We will reprint some titles, and when we do decided to reprint a title you will first of all find a note by the title on this page and then it will move from this list into Forthcoming. At that stage you will be able to order. But we will not reprint all titles, only those where we think there is real sales potential. And there are a lot of years ahead of us, and a lot of new titles we have not yet published."

Hello? Sell them as bloody e-books. You don't have to work out costly print runs, you can shove them on Amazon or Smashwords or whatever and leave them up indefinitely. We can buy them from you when we want to and you can have ongoing income from all your titles. You short-sighted dinosaurs.

PS: If your complete list of out of print books is currently not up to date, it is an incomplete list of out of print titles, just saying.

PPS: Listing your cat as a member of staff? Really stupid. I am filled with irrational hate when you do that.

PPPS: I want to give you money, make it easier, ffs.
romana03: Joan Sims' bottom from the film "Carry On Teacher" (arse)
And lets face it, we all know how great straight couples are at that, eh? Brilliant divorce statistics from the het couples. Anyway...

@christopherward posted the following on twitter:

"Here's the #equalmarriage council debate/vote disgrace article: http://t.co/G2UNcbsa @Out4Marriage @C4EqualMarriage @pinknews @SoSoGay"

The link is to a newspaper report of a Guilford council meeting. The meeting voted against writing to the Government to support same sex marriage. During the discussion, though, it seems that Sarah Creedy "shocked many by implying that gay couples are incapable of sustaining life-long relationships."

So by her argument, we apparently have to die before we can get married. I was none too impressed. Two seconds on google turned up a nice bio complete with email address, so I've fired the following off to her. Wonder if I'll get a response?

"I was very upset to hear about your comments regarding the inability of gay couples to sustain long term commitments, made at the recent council meeting regarding writing in support of the government's gay marriage legislation. I am very curious to find out what particular pieces of peer-reviewed sociological research you are using as evidence for your opinion.

I am also curious as to how you reconcile the divorce rates for straight couples with the fact that they are allowed to get married at all, if you feel that the statistical likelihood of success should be the determining factor in whether individual couples should be allowed to marry."


Jul. 13th, 2012 09:09 pm
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What on earth are fanfic writers supposed to do with Castle? I've seen about three episodes, during which there has been being handcuffed together on a bed and being locked in a freezer, cuddled together to keep warm and an almost confession of love. And that's in addition to the near Mulder and Scully levels of UST and shipper baiting.

We need to get season 1 on DVD *nods*
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Dear yuletide writer,

First of all, thank you so much for writing for me, you're a star :) I hope my prompts don't make your heart sink given how much time we have (especially if you're a pinch-hitter! *fangirls*) I'm going to love whatever you write for me but if you're looking for inspiration...

I love gen and f/f but whatever you write for me, I really do prefer there to be no explicit sex. I'm especially impressed by stories that keep as close as possible to the feeling and tone of the original.

On to the fandoms: )

So yes, thank you dear writer, good luck!


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