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My Yuletide Santa Letter :)

Dear yuletide writer,

First of all, thank you so much for writing for me, you're a star :) I hope my prompts don't make your heart sink given how much time we have (especially if you're a pinch-hitter! *fangirls*) I'm going to love whatever you write for me but if you're looking for inspiration...

I love gen and f/f but whatever you write for me, I really do prefer there to be no explicit sex. I'm especially impressed by stories that keep as close as possible to the feeling and tone of the original.

I picked Mr Claypole, Hazel the MacWitch and Nadia Popov because I'm very much a fan of what Rentaghost became after season 1, so don't feel limited just to those three. Yes, I know it's ludicrous but I really do prefer the gaudy, pantomime silliness of the later seasons. I'd love something with the ghosts trying to help and everything going wrong and Miss Popov vanishing at an inopportune moment. Bonus for not going into the cellar!

You Rang M'Lord?
I picked Cissy and Penelope because Cissy is my favourite character and I'd love a story with the two of them more centre stage than they tended to be in the show. I'd love a story that involves the ensemble cast too, but I know time is short and I'd love something with just the two of them just as much.

Um, I don't really know the Japanese names for the characters - I picked Hikari because for some reason Dawn was missing in English, even though Ash and Satoshi are both there.

I'm really enjoying Galactic Battles and the way that Dawn is allowed to be as important as Ash. I love the friendly rivals relationship between Dawn and Zoey and so a story focussing on the two of them would be lovely.

And Piplup. I adore Piplup. Extra love for a story with Piplup being his egotistical little self!

Gladys can be awful but she can also be quite sweet (unless you're Sylvia). I'd love a story about Gladys, either with or without the rest of the ensemble cast is fine. If you have time and feel able to write about Gladys at Maplins, I'd love to see more of Gladys and Peggy or Gladys and Sylvia.

So yes, thank you dear writer, good luck!

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